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How to Arrive to Argentina

Route map Argentina

How to arrive by Air

About 50 kilometres away from Buenos Aires, capital city of the Argentina, the Ezeiza International Airport, also known as Ministro Pistarini, can be found. The best part of the flights from different airline companies that access the country land at this airport.  

Regarding the boarding tax, it is the same for all flights: U$S 13, except for flights that leave for Montevideo which is U$S 5. 


As for children under two and transit passengers, they are exempted from paying such tax.  

In order to travel to the city from the airport, taxi services are available and, moreover, buses leave from the airport every half an hour, from 5 to 23 hours. The bus journey from the airport to the city lasts about 45 minutes.  

How to get by Air Argentina

It is important to be aware of the fact that fine restaurants, elegant shops, banks and even car rental companies, among others can be found within the airport as well.

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How to arrive by Land  

In order to access Argentina by car or by bus, from Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay or Bolvia, the route is in perfect conditions. What is more, nearly 156,789 out of the 217,762 kilometres of route of the country are in excellent conditions and can be followed without any problem.

If travelling from Uruguay there are three main options: firstly, to cross the Salto Grande Bridge, which is also a hydroelectric plant. Such bridge links Concordia with Salto. Secondly, the "Libertador Gral. San Martín" International Bridge that links Puerto Unzué with Fray Bentos and, finally, the "Gral José G. Artigas" International Bridge links Colón with Paysandú.  

Provided you travel from Brazil, there are two main routes to access Argentina. The first one is through the International Bridge that links Paso de las Liebre with Uruguaiana and the second one is through the International Bridge that links Iguazú Port with Foz do Iguaçu. 

How to travel by Land  Argentina

The same happens if travelling from Paraguay. It is possible to cross the Ignacio de Loyola International Bridge, which links Clorinda with Asunción, or to cross the Beato Roque González International Bridge, which linls Posadas with Encarnación.  

Finally, from Bolivia there are three Passages, namely La Quiaca – Villazón Passage, Aguas Blancas – Bermejo Passage and Pocitos – Yacuiba Passage.  

How to arrive by Sea 

If travelling from Argentina, there are ferry services available offering transport facilities for passengers and vehicles. 

Las companías Buquebus, Ferryturismo and Cacciola are the main companies that link Buenos Aires with Montevideo and Colonia del Sacramento on a regular basis and even with Piriápolis on peak seasons.

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