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Tourism in Argentina

Argentina officially the Argentine Republic, is one of the most complete and richly varied places when it comes to climate and landscapes. Consequently, this country offers endless tourist attractions. From huge snowy mountains to picturesque seaside resorts and amazing thermal springs can be enjoyed here.

officially the Argentine Republic, is one of the most complete and richly varied places when it comes to climate and landscapes. Consequently, this country offers endless tourist attractions. From huge snowy mountains to picturesque seaside resorts and amazing thermal springs can be enjoyed here.

Turism Argentina


This country caters for all tastes. Towards the north we find the plains form the Pampa, on the west a wonderful mountain chain known as “Cordillera de los Andes” offers a breathtaking view, and, moreover, beautiful lakes and glaciers can be enjoyed at the Patagonia. Argentine meat, wine from Mendoza, Tango music; each and every of these features constitutes the country’s major attractions.

Even Argentina’s capital city, Buenos Aires, catches tourist’s attention immediately.

One of the city’s best-known attractions is the Botanical Garden (Jardín Botánico). Such garden was designed by a Frenchman, Carlos Thays and plays a major part in the city’s cultural life.

Furthermore, another attraction of the city is the Obelisk, an impressive monument 67 metre tall and with a base of 49 square metres that stands on the 9 de Julio Avenue. It was inaugurated in the year 1936 and it is one of the city’s main symbols.

Beaches in Argentina

Five of the country’s provinces, Chubut, Santa Cruz, Tierra del Fuego, Río Negro and Buenos Aires, have access to the sea. Hence, there is a vast number of seaside resorts within the country.

Beaches in Argentina are really pleasant and sand looks extremely clean. Taking enjoyable baths, doing sports, sunbathing or simply watching a marvellous sun set, among others, are some of the most popular activities that can be done here in order to enjoy yourself immensely.

Beaches Argentina


Tourists are spoilt for choice when it comes to going to the beach since there is a wide variety to choose from. Some of them, for example, are known to be extremely rocky and high cliffs can be seen there. 

Others, towards the south, boast a stunning view of whales and seals and are known to be ideal for doing a diverse range of water sports such as diving. One striking example of such beaches is Península Valdés, an unevenness located an hour away from Puerto Madryn.

On the other hand, there are other beaches that prove highly suitable for those seeking for peace and tranquillity and with slightly warm water. All in all, these beaches cater for all tastes.

Sierras from Argentina

Fortunately, it is possible to enjoy this amazing trip in between hills and mountains all year round. Here, not only is it possible to come into close contact with mother nature, but also to breath in really fresh air.

Given that these landscapes offer a wide range of possibilities it is hardly surprising that a substantial number of tourist centres have developed over the past years in this area where beautiful valleys, medium sized hills and plains are likely to be found.

Sierras from Argentina


Among the many wonders that can be seen in the sierra of Argentina, streams, rivers and even water mirrors should be included. Hence, this place becomes ideal for doing water sports, such as swimming and also for enjoying adventure holidays.

The diversity of the land ranging from low hills to huge mountains including the Aconcagua, the highest peak in America, is also a major feature of the country. From November until March, this place proves ideal for mountain climbing.

During winter there is also a wide range of activities to do. It is definitely well worth to go skiing or maybe you prefer enjoying of rural tourism in provinces such as San Luis, Buenos Aires and Córdoba.

Argentine Patagonia

Right in the south of Latin America we found La Patagonia, where impressive and contrasting landscapes can be enjoyed here. Moreover, the Andes mountain chain, lakes, pines as well as beaches, whales and snow during winter are the most outstanding features of this place. 

This place is absolutely ideal when it comes to adventure holidays given that here it is possible to do trekking, rafting, mountain climbing, mountain bike or riding on horseback.

Argentine Patagonia


It is also a vast plateau in its central part, with high "steps" descending from the Andes towards the Ocean. Most of Patagonia's surface belongs to this area. Flat and distant horizons, which are sometimes interrupted by the blue ribbons formed by the big rivers and their valleys.

One of the world’s most beautiful glaciers, the Perito Moreno Glacier can be enjoyed here. Moreover, it is possible to trek in its icy surface, to visit other amazing glaciers and even to go on trekking excursions.

Skiing Resorts in Argentina

Skiing is one of Argentina’s major attractions and, therefore, this country offers an exciting variety of skiing facilities and attractive resorts.

A broad array of skiing centres can be found from Mendoza to Tierra del Fuego, being Las Leñas and Los Penitentes the country’s most popular ones.

However, it is worth mentioning other skiing resorts within the country that are also extremely attractive such as: Chapelco, ski and summer resort, La Hoya, Cerro Ballo, La Angostura villa, Cerro Castor, Catedral and Caviahue.

Skiing Resorts in Argentina


Iguassu falls in Argentina

Deep in the jungle of Misiones, spanning the border between Argentina and Brazil the Iguazú National Park is found and within it the Iguazú port. Such park was declared World Natural Heritage Site in 1984.

At this park, the traveller can discover an incomparably marvellous natural spectacle: the Iguazú Falls, one of the most amazing waterfalls in the world and one of the most wonderful spots in Argentina. Some 275 individual cascades and waterfalls plummet up to 70 metres into the gorge below. 

A wide array of attractions can be enjoyed at the Iguazú Falls. Visitors have several alternatives ranging from journeys through the jungle to boat trips along the Iguazú River. Moreover, helicopter rides offer a real different point of view. Finally it is possible to take a train in order to get to the impressive balcony on the Devil's Throat.

Iguassu falls in Argentina


El Fin del Mundo en Argentina

Not only is Ushuaia the capital of Tierra del Fuego, but also it is the southernmost city in the world. Thus, it is commonly known as “the uttermost end of the world”. In indigenous language “ushu” would mean bottom and “waia” would mean bay.

Furthermore, aside from its outstandingly beautiful landscapes, the city’s excellent infrastructure will definitely live up to tourists’ expectations.

A variety of hotels can be found not only within the city but also in the outskirts of it. Such hotels cater for all tastes and enable tourists to make brief unscheduled stops and enjoy a wonderful day in the countryside.

This area can be divided into three main regions considering the landscapes and natural attractions: southern, northern and central region.

The End of the World in Argentina


Accommodation in Argentina

Due to the significant tourist development that has taken place in Argentina, excellent services are available for tourists when it comes to hotels and accommodation. During peak seasons reservations in hotels should be made at least one month in advance, depending on your destination.

Moreover, it is possible to stay at huts, campings, lodgings, resorts, centres, and tourist farms, depending on the area of the country you would like to visit.

International hotel chains such as Days, Four Seasons, Howard Johnson, Ibis, Meliá, among others offer accommodation in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata and other places of the country. Besides, from Argentina you will have easy access to other destinations within the region.

Accommodation in Argentina


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