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Argentine Patagonia - Tourist Information

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Tourism in Argentine Patagonia

The Argentine Patagonia is located in the southernmost area of Latin America, in a place that enjoys breathtaking views and contrasts. Among the most distinctive features of this area we find the Andes mountain range, lakes and pine groves, beaches and the ocean in the east, whales and snow during the winter.

Moreover, this place proves ideal for adventure holidays. Trekking, rafting, mountaineering, mountain bike, horse riding among others are very popular activities here.

Tourism Argentine Patagonia


The central area of the Patagonia consists of a large plateau, which is the main landscape in the area. Its high steps lead to the sea. A place to stop and gaze admiringly into the distance and enjoy the view of the rivers and its valleys.

One of the world's most beautiful and accessible glaciers can be found here: the Perito Moreno Glacier. It is possible to go trekking along its surface. Moreover, other glaciers can be visited as well.

Visit the Seven Lake Route, from San Martin de los Andes to Villa La Angostura, where seven remarkably beautiful lakes can be found, visit the town of Bariloche and go on exciting excursions, enjoy the wild nightlife of the area and much more.

Skiing Resorts In the Argentine Patagonia

An exciting variety of skiing resorts can be found in the Argentine Patagonia, some of them very well known worldwide due to their excellent infrastructure.

Skiing, which has become nowadays a popular sport, is one of the most ancient means of transport. Chinese people used to call the skis "Wooden horses" and a stone engraving from 2500 B.C., found in the Ródoby Island in Norway, shows hunter with his skis on.

Cerro Catedral Skiing Resort


Wooden strips and sticks used for sliding ceased from being a necessity and became the equipment of an important sport. Skiing as a sporting competition was first included in the Olympic Games in 1924. In Argentina, the first skiing championship took place in the place known as Cerro Otto in San Carlos de Bariloche, in the early 30s.

Each year soft snow covers the slopes of the mountain range. The white sport gained great popularity among sport lovers and made it necessary for winter resorts to be built in the mountains.

Alpine skiing along very steep slopes in the Andes and cross-country skiing races along large snow-covered valleys and plains are some of the main attractions here. Choose a place and imagine yourself descending the slopes. There are skiing schools available where people will acquire and practise the main skiing techniques.

Whale sighting in the Argentine Patagonia

The best time to sight the whales is during September and October. Mating is the main cause that gathers the whales in this place.

The breathtaking scenery can be enjoyed from May to December each year, owing to the protection works that are being carried out by mammal protection organizations.


Sighting takes place on board of authorised companies' crafts, which adopt effective measures aimed at minimizing the environmental impact and try not to alter the whales' behaviour. On sailing, other coastal species will be seen as well.

Whale Sighting


Then, engines switch off and silence prevails. Only the sounds of penguins, seagulls and cormorants can be heard. In the distance a large number of birds can be seen. The motor boat approaches this place and suddenly, a golden and white animal breaches the surface of the water.

A feeling of euphoria and excitement prevails then. People talk excitedly in different languages, and the youngest ones scream. Beautiful dolphins come up to the surface of the water and complete the scenery.

Hot Springs in the Argentine Patagonia

Patagonia has a great deal of geographical faults with great geothermal and volcanic activity. Therefore, a broad variety of thermal spring resorts can be found here.

An enormous variety of thermal springs can be found in this area of South America, which range from warm water issuing from the ground, rich in minerals, to geysers with boiling water. In former times, the native Mapuches, Tehuelches and Onas used to take good advantage of the curative and therapeutic effects of spring waters.

Hot Springs Argentine Patagonia


All this has led to the creation of a varied infrastructure to enjoy the water flowing from the earth. The facilities here include everything from rustic pools dug up in the soil to modern, elegant and comfortable hot spring resorts and five-star spas.

Beautiful natural attractions surrounding the spring resorts undoubtedly contribute to keeping an excellent balance and create a relaxed atmosphere.

All these features have turned this area into one of the most popular health tourist destinations. As new methods are employed for the use of hot spring waters and further research is carried out to prove the quality of mud, this resorts and thermal waters become essential components of modern medicine.

Accommodation in the Argentine Patagonia - Hotels

Owing to the vast development that has taken place in the Argentine Patagonia regarding tourism, there is a wide range of options for hotels and accommodation available here. During the peak seasons reservations in hotels must be made at least one month in advance.

Also, it is possible to stay in huts, camping sites, hostels, ranches, tourist farms, depending on the area of Patagonia you decide to visit and the kind of holidays you would like to spend.

Accommodation Argentine Patagonia


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