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Tourist Information about Asuncion

Surrounded by the Paraguay River and located on the margin of the country bearing the same name, Asuncion, the capital city, appears picturesque and colorful.


Originally known as Nuestra Señora de la Asunción ("Our Lady of the Assumption"), Paraguay's capital city is also the largest one in the area.


Therefore, it is hardly surprising that a broad variety of styles and a rich architecture are some of its main features.


From villages where a vast number of little town houses can be found to impressive buildings than can be seen from the bay and others built during the XIX and XX century, there is a lot to see in Asuncion.


This city is like a huge tapestry where the bright colours of the buildings and the outstanding beauty of flower gardens, galleries, squares and balconies dominate the landscape. Nowadays, the metropolitan area of this "Mother of Cities", as it is usually known as well, has about 1.400.000 inhabitants.

Paraguay River


Accommodation in Asuncion

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Hotels, Apartments, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located in different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay near your area of interest it is possible to book your hotel downtown Asuncion or in different areas of the city.


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History of Asuncion

After the first travels of Christopher Columbus, in 1492, subsequent expeditions sailed out for the new world.


One of the expeditions resulted in the beginning of the Paraguayan history and consequently in the history of Asuncion. We are talking about the expedition lead by Don Pedro de Mendoza and Juan de Ayolas, who disembarked in the coast of Candelaria.


This city was finally founded a few years later, on the feast day of the Assumption on the 15th August, 1537, by Juan de Salazar y Espinoza.


Women represented a large part of the population of the area, playing a major role in the development of the colonies.


Some historians agree that natives used to offer their own sisters and daughters to conquerors as a way of extending them a warm welcome.


However, history reveals that Guarani natives heavily defended their lands, families and goods against Spanish attack, even resorting to death.


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Rivera Square


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