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Tourism in Colombia, holidays and beaches

The stunningly beautiful Republic of Colombia is located between the four degrees of South latitude and the twelve degrees of North latitude, and between the sixty-seven and seventy-nine degrees of west longitude.


Owing to its location, Colombia is an equatorial nation, and trade winds, the altitude and humidity greatly influence the country's climate. The higher one gets, the lower the temperature becomes.


A variety of landscapes and climates, amazing beaches, natural reserves, squares, cultural centers and a lively nightlife turn Colombia into one of America's most attractive tourist destinations.


Among the many destinations Colombia has to offer Santafe de Bogota, Medellin, Cali, Cartagena, Santa Marta, San Andrés and Providencia are some of the most attractive ones.

Tourism in Colombia



A broad variety of celebrations including religious ones are held in Colombia each year. The most important of these celebrations are the ones related to the creation of Colombia as a nation.


Another important fact regarding national celebrations in Colombia is that holy days are divided into three kinds: "fixed dates" (related to the Gregorian calendar), celebrations of the "first Monday" (the first Monday after the traditional date) and the ones related to Easter.


Celebrations in Colombia



A vast number of typical and delicious dishes of excellent quality can be found in any of Colombia's restaurants. Soups, meat and fish are some of the main culinary delights that can be enjoyed.


Menus are varied, rich a variety of flavorings. In San Andres, for instance, a delicious seafood casserole or the amazing red snapper can be tasted.


Furthermore, in the Atlantic Coast, Catalan sausages, quibbes and the delicious "carimañolas" are the ones that play the main role in terms of gastronomy. As soon as we arrive in Cartagena, the air fills with the smell of fish, rice and coconuts.


Antioquia offers an amazing mixture of meats, kidney beans, avocado pear and fried eggs known as "bandeja paisa". All in all, there is a wide variety of typical dishes to try and chose your favorite one!




Cartagena de Indias

Located in the northeast area of Colombia, Cartagena de indias was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Nowadays, about nine hundred thousand people live here and enjoy the city's cultural and historical wealth daily.


It is the capital city of the department known as Bolívar and a remarkably beautiful colonial style city. Its walls, the wide variety of monuments and the colonial architecture are some examples of the city's rich history.


Cartagena de Indias is a city that has successfully combined its most attractive features. Nowadays, it has become an important tourist destination and a major commercial and industrial center.


Cartagena de Indias



Medellin is the major center of the metropolitan area of the Valle de Aburra (Aburra Valley) and it has a population of more than three million. Therefore, it is Colombia´s second most important and populated city.


More than just a visually stunning area, Medellin is one of the main industrial and commercial centers in the country and one of the leading centers in terms of finances and politics as well as communications, entertainment, fashion and arts. 


What is more, it is hardly surprising that Medellin is also a tourist destination not to be missed. Two airports, important museums, theatres, galleries, one of the country's main stadiums, and the main train system in Colombia are some of the facilities and attractions that can be found here.

Medellin Colombia


Santiago de Cali

Talking about Colombia is talking about Santiago de Cali, capital city of the department named Valle del Cauca and the third most densely populated city in the country. Its population now stands at about two million.


Santiago de Cali is one of the country's main economic and industrial centers. Moreover, it is a point of reference in the southwestern area of Colombia because of its urban, industrial, economic and rural development.


Among the many attractions Cali has to offer, historic sites, protected areas, squares, museums and tempting nightclubs among others are some of the main ones.

Santiago de Cali Colombia


Hotels in Colombia

Owing to the vast development that has taken place in Colombia regarding tourism, there are a wide range of options for hotels and accommodation available here. During the peak seasons, depending on the destination, reservations in hotels must be made at least one month in advance.

It is possible to stay at huts, camping sites, hostels, resorts, centers, ranches, tourist farms, depending on the area of the country you decide to visit.

Accommodation in Colombia


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