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Tourism in Colonia Uruguay

Considered World Heritage of the Humanity in 1995 by Unesco, Colonia del Sacramento is known for being one of the cities of the Río de la Plata which still keeps the marvelous magic of its history.

Foundered by Portugueses, Spain and Portugal fight for it for decades, the city became into a mixture of architectonical styles.


The colonial Portuguese style of the buildings, those stone houses with the typical roofs of those times it mixes up with brick houses and the classical flat roofs of the Spanish architecture.

Historical Heritage


Hotels in Colonia Del Sacramento

Through you have the possibility of booking for hotels, apartments and Apart hotels located in different part of the city, it could be downtown or in the historical area, on-line or on the phone.

Besides, Colonia del Sacramento has some of the main hotel chains, such as Sheraton, Days Inn, Four Seasons and Radisson among others.

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History of Colonia del Sacramento

The history of Colonia del Sacramento is surely one of the most fascinating of the Rio de la Plata.


Ordered by the Lisbon Court, Manuel Lobo an important Portuguese militar, founded this city at the beginning of 1680 in San Gabriel peninsula over an extension of 12 hectare on its west side.

Its geographical and political location generated frontier struggles between Spain and Portugal which last more than a century.

As a consequence of these conflicts, the city changed its owner several times, from Spain to Portugal and viceversa. The architecture of Colonia del Sacramento is the result of the different architectonical style of the conquerors.

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Suspiros Street


Sghtseens & Tours in Colonia del Sacramento

Even though the attraction of the city is its historic and cultural heritage, this is not the unique interest to see and visit. The coasts of the Rio de la Plata River and the Uruguay River are another attraction.


Besides, some kilometers from the city there are different places, such as the National Anchorena Park which is visited by nearly 1.300 people each month.


Remember that Colonia Del Sacramento has a great Yacht port, an splendid Yacht club, a beautiful rambla (shore), the bullring, the Matriz church, the Bastión del Carmen and many museums, among other attractions.

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De la Plata River Colonia del Sacramento


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