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Florianopolis Brazil

Florianopolis, also known by the nickname Ilha da Magia (Island of Magic), is the capital city of Santa Catarina State in southern Brazil and one of the country's most wealthy areas.


Owing to the great tourist facilities and the wide variety of beaches that can be found here, Florianopolis is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South America.


Blessed with outstanding natural beauty, the beaches and the sea are the chief attractions in this place.


While the beaches with calm warm waters prove ideal for children and adults, sports lovers, including surfers, can visit beaches where great waves roar.


Florianopolis consists of neighborhoods similar to small villages. Here, shopping centers and little fishing villages with small houses coexist harmoniously.

Barra da Lagoa Florianopolis


Accommodation in Florianopolis

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located in different spots of the seaside resort..

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay near your area of interest a hotel downtown Florianopolis can be booked, or in different areas near the beach, in an efficient way.

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Accommodation Florianopolis


Beaches in Florianopolis

From beaches with calm crystal clear waters to others with enormous waves, a vast variety of beaches can be enjoyed in Florianopolis, catering for all tastes.


Owing to the layout of the island, the sea is calmer and warmer on the side of the continent than on the side of the Atlantic Ocean, which is highly suitable for doing surf and other water sports.


While the beaches from the north are the warmest and busiest ones, the ones located in the south west area are rougher and offer beautiful landscapes.


The most developed beaches and the ones that Argentine tourists strongly prefer are Canasvieiras and Praia dos Ingleses. Here, water sports and the bustling nightlife are some of the main attractions, especially in Canasvieiras.

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Joaquina Beach Florianopolis


Sightseens & Tours in Florianopolis

It is a well known fact that Florianopolis beaches are the chief attraction in the area. Nevertheless, this island has a rich and colourful history, including great battles and skirmishes.

Since this island was for a long time subject to constant harassment by Belgian and Dutch privateers or by Spanish navigators, the Portuguese Crown made an order for a number of forts and fortresses to be built.


Nowadays, these forts became a major attraction in the area and the best part of them have been tumbled and restored.


Tourist facilities such as the XV de Novembro Square, which is said to be city's point of reference, the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Cruz e Sousa Palace and, of course, the Public Market are a must for tourist visiting the area.


Tourists will be free to explore Florianopolis and its great attractions.

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Lagoa da Conceiçao Florianopolis


Gastronomy in Florianopolis

It is hardly surprising that an enormous number of restaurants can be visited in the Ilha da Magia, where a rich variety of international dishes are served.


Chinese and Japanese food, Spanish, Portuguese and even regional cooking, are some examples of what can be enjoyed here. From the most traditional dish to exotic food, the wide range of restaurants will meet all tastes.


Seafood dishes are the specialty in Florianopolis. The oysters, which are cultivated in the south area of the island, in the turned side of the continent, can be consumed very fresh, soon after being extracted from the sea.


Shrimps are Lagoa's speciality and the mullet is one of the most typical dishes in the region as well as the tench, which is fished between May and June. It is salted, dried and served grilled afterwards.


The wide range of restaurants and prices that can be found here will suit every pocket.

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Public Market Florianopolis


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