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Nowadays the arrival to the waterfalls is done by panoramic buses, with capacity for 72 people. The tour starts at a center of tourist reception built at the entrance of the park. There, there are still telephones, an area for changing diapers, money change and shops, among other things.


Cars and buses of tourism also stay in this area, parked far away from the conservation area, for the happiness of the nature who appreciates this. During the first year of the use of this system the number of animals that were ran over descend a lot.

National Park


Another important improvement is the quantity of employees that are available to attend the visitors. The Ibama had only 30 people to attend the preservation of the environment and the attention of the tourist. The result, naturally, was inefficiency.


According to what Jorge Luiz Pegoraro said, boss of the Ibama in the park, “We worked in an area that was not our speciality, the tourism. That complicated all our duties and did not allow us to concentrate in preservation.”


Nowadays, there are more than 150 employees who are only in charge of tourism. The investment of Cataratas S.A, however, it does not end. The enterprise since the first times, inverted more than 9 million dollars.


“The Ibama not even had a bathroom in the park. The tourist left the area disappointed because of not having the appropriate infrastructure. We did some changes that would have taken 100 years to the government to finish them”, says Wadis Benvenutti, director of the concessionary company.


Among the initiative of Cataratas S.A we can mention the construction of a new panoramic elevator and a food area with an international quality restaurant with a privilege view to the waterfalls.


All these gave to the park the capacity of receiving up to 12 thousand daily visitors, meanwhile the average of visits is of 2.500 people. From the other side, the Ibama took proof of the concession to concentrate efforts in the conservation of the fragile local ecosystem.


Free to act exclusively in their areas, the technician worked in order to study the impact caused in the National Park by the visits to the Waterfalls. They are also preparing a wide project of environmental education.

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