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La Pedrera : Rocha : Uruguay

La Pedrera is a small, quiet and exclusive seaside resort, located on a rocky margin of the Atlantic coast of Uruguay, 230 kilometres away from Montevideo.

Owing to the coastal cliff it is said that La Pedrera is a truly beautiful balcony facing the sea. Moreover, watches and mirrors are useless in this relaxing place since people eat whenever they are hungry and wear whatever clothes they wish to.

Peace, harmony and tranquillity are some of the most noteworthy features of La Pedrera, despite the ocean and busy nightlife. It is possible to while away the hours sitting on the sandy beach reading a book or, on the other hand, you may decide to challenge the rough sea and give surf a try.

During the low season, from July to October, beautiful whales can be seen at the seaside resort before they leave towards other latitudes.

La Pedrera beaches


Accommodation in La Pedrera

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Apart-Hotels or Complex located on different spots of the seaside resort.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest a hotel in La Pedrera downtown can be booked in advance in a simple, effective and quick way.


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Accommodation in La Pedrera


Beaches in La Pedrera

The beaches from La Pedrera are perfectly suitable for having baths and doing sports. Nevertheless, the ocean must be treated with respect.

In order to ensure the swimmer’s safety, all beaches provide lifeguard services. Hence, lifeguards carefully watch over the three areas available for swimming within the seaside resort.

It is the ocean’s outstanding beauty, encouraging waves, fine white sand, majestic rocks and legends about shipwrecks that make these beaches truly unique.

Del Barco beach La Pedrera


Fishing & Surf in La Pedrera

As for sports, surf is the main activity and the one that best suits the seaside resort. Beaches from La Pedrera are well known for the top quality of its waves.

Should you know how to position yourself in the water, you may have an enjoyable time riding huge amazing waves at great speed.

Another major attraction of the seaside resort is fishing. There is an amazing variety of species and fishing spots of outstanding quality can be enjoyed all year round.

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Surf in La Pedrera


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