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Mendoza Argentina tourist information

The majesty and beauty of the impressive Andes Mountain Chain can be enjoyed so immensely nowhere but in Mendoza. Amazing, heavenly and historic places merge together and even breathing becomes a unique experience here.

Mendoza City is located 1085 kilometres west from Buenos Aires City (Argentina’s capital city) and 750 metres above sea level on average. Moreover, the city has a semiarid climate with little precipitation. The annual average temperature is 18º C.

Not only is Mendoza a highly developed city regarding its commerce, industry, culture and constructions, but also it is the main tourist resort within the Andes Mountain Chain and Mount Aconcagua. Consequently, Mendoza is an absolutely ideal place when it comes to adventure tourism.

Mendoza is also commonly known as “ciudad jardín”(garden city) since it proves a perfect place to wander freely along its extremely clean streets surrounded by shady trees. Here, both nature and a wide range of activities can be enjoyed hugely at the same time.

Andes Mountain Chain Mendoza


Hotels in Mendoza

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located on different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest a hotel downtown Mendoza can be booked in advance in a simple, effective and quick way.

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Accommodation in Mendoza


Skiing Resorts in Mendoza

One of Mendoza Province’s most striking features is the wide range of outdoor sport facilities that are offered there. Hence, Mendoza is one of the country’s most important provinces when it comes to skiing resorts and winter sports. 

Great attractions such as the Aconcagua Provincial Park and two lively thermal resorts, among others, can be enjoyed at this province. What is more, the country’s major skiing resorts can be found here, namely Las Leñas, Penitentes, Vallecitos and Manantiales.

Nature and ecological tourism constitute the province’s main characteristic. Mendoza’s main features and tourist attractions will vary according to the season of the year in which we visit it.

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Skiing Resorts in Mendoza


Sightseens & Tours in Mendoza

In each region within the province different landscapes can be enjoyed. Once we have arrived at the city, there are tours that cannot be missed. The historic area of the city, museums and cultural centres are a must for tourists.

It is highly recommenced to visit places such as: General San Martín Park, the Redeeming Christ, the Inca’s Bridge, Uspallata Valleys and Potrerillos, the Witches Cavern and the well-known Wine Cellars.

Within the city of Mendoza, the Municipal and Historic Museum, the Francisco Rutini Vine-Growing Museum, the Rosario Chapel, Plaza Mendoza Shopping Centre and Independence, Chile and Italy Square are all well worth visiting attractions.

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Rafting Mendoza


Aconcagua Provincial Park in Mendoza

The Acongua (6962 metres above mean sea level), America’s highest mountain, is located in the Aconcagua Provincial Park, in Mendoza Province (Argentina). The ideal time to ascend such mountain is from December to March.

In order to enter the Aconcagua Provincial Park a special personal permit is required. Such permit may be obtained at the Tourist Information Centre. 

Entering to the park with the permit means that The Natural Renewable Resources Office and Mendoza Province’s Government are not to be held responsible for any accident that could happen within the park. Moreover, through the permit we to comply with the park’s regulations.

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Provincial Park Aconcagua Mendoza


Mendoza’s Wines Argentina Wines

Mendoza is largely synonymous to “land of the good sun and the good wine” since it is an important wine-growing area where a vast number of wine cellars can be found. Fine wines of outstanding quality are produced at such cellars and are exported widely. 

To the south east of the Quetrihue Peninsula, where coihue and cypress forests dominate the landscape, the Wine Route is found, consisting of 140,000 hectares of vineyards and featuring sophisticated irrigation systems. Hence, wine is internationally known for its top quality. 

Mendoza Province is generally regarded as the country’s main wine producer. Consequently, not only is it possible to visit the wine cellars and vineyards but also to taste the excellent wines.

Vineyards Mendoza


Mendoza’s History

During the seventeenth century, as strong rumours concerning the existence of large gold mines spread, Spanish colonies on the western coast of Latin America began to expand towards Argentina.

Conquerors from the Peru Viceroyalty and from Chile’s General Captaincy enter the region and established the first permanent settlement within the Cuyo region since 1561: “Mendoza”.

On the 2nd of March, 1561, Pedro del Castillo founded the city and named it Mendoza after the governor of Chile, Don García Hurtado de Mendoza. Later, in 1563 the lands were distributed. Thus, the first farms and vegetable gardens located around the built-up area started to appear.

A severe earthquake destroyed the city which was rebuilt based on European principles regarding urbanism and it was divided into different areas, namely the bank area, the commercial and administrative area, the historical area, and, finally, the residential area.

In 1885, as the railway reach the Province, Mendoza expanded rapidly and integration with the rest of the country was achieved. Hence, Mendoza became the region’s most important city.

Wine Museum Mendoza


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