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Tourism in Machu Picchu

Tourism in Peru, vacations

Peru has endless natural and scenic beauties as well as a variety of places of cultural and historical interest that will win the heart of visitors. Tourist will agree this is definitely a well worth visiting place.


Its coast more than two thousand kilometers long surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, a large number of valleys and snowy mountains as well as rainforests from the Amazon region, and a wide range of tourist facilities are some of the main features of this extremely attractive destination.


This place is ideal for visitors seeking for traditions, adventures, sports and nature. Adventure holidays and ecological tourism, archaeological sites and a variety of sports among other attractions can be enjoyed in Peru.


Chullpas of Sillustani


Ecological Tourism

One of the world's most diverse ecological systems can be found in Peru. Therefore, a large number of natural reserves have been established here.


Parks, national sanctuaries, national reserves, historic sanctuaries, conservation areas, protected forests, among others are some of the attractions that can be found here.


It is worth mentioning that more than seventy per cent of the planet's living species can be found here. What is more, nowadays, there is a vast number of animal and plant species that cannot be found in any part of the world but in Peru.


Amazon Museum


Adventure Holidays

It was throughout the '80s that this kind of activities began to develop with greater intensity and to gain popularity in the area.


The old roads became the chief attraction, as they began to be used as paths to go for walks or do bicycle journeys as well as to go climbing.


Moreover, surf, diving, sport fishing, kayaks, hang gliding, cross country, horse riding, mountain climbing, paragliding and mountaineering in the Andes are activities that can be enjoyed here as well.


Huanchaco Beach


Main Tourist Destinations


Arequipa city is located in the southwest area of Peru, and it is the capital city of the province bearing the same name. Nowadays, Arequipa is the country's second most important city, after the capital city.


Arequipa is commonly known by the name "Cuidad Blanca" (White City) due to the colour of the lava produced by the Misti and Chachani volcanoes, called ashlars. It is also known as the American Rome, since people in Arequipa are highly religious and a vast number of churches can be found here.


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Yanahuara Viewpoint



Cusco, which has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site, was home to the Inca Empire and the main city of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire. The Incas used to call their capital city the "Navel of the World".


Legend has it that the city was founded by Manco Capac and Mama Ocllo between the XI and XII centuries. The Spaniards, under orders from Francisco Pizarro, built a new city on the foundations of the old Inca city in 1534.


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Main Square



Iquitos city is located three thousand six hundred and forty kilometers away from the Atlantic Ocean, about one thousand and eight hundred kilometers from Lima, on the left bank of the Amazon River and near the confluence of the Marañón and Ucayai rivers.


This highly interesting and extremely attractive city is almost entirely isolated. In fact, it is possible to have access to this picturesque floating town by air or by sea only.  


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San Juan Festival



Juliaca is an Andean city, more precisely, the capital city of San Roman Province, located in the south area of Peru, about three thousand eight hundred meters above sea level.


Juliaca was built during the Simon Bolivar administration, in the year 1826. It was not until the year 1908 that it achieved the city status. Since then, trade has always been the main activity here.


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Andes Mountain Range



This picturesque city, capital of Peru, which Pizarro used to name "the King's city", has grown steadily over the years though still retaining the traditional character and preserving its history.


Thus, the buildings and churches in the city's historic centre have been well preserved, as well as the squares and remains from the Pre-Columbian times. On the other hand, Lima is a modern and progressive city as well, and achieving growth has been its central aim.


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Government Palace



Puno is a department located in the south east area of Peru, in the Collao Plateau. Areas of great beauty such as the Titicaca Lake, the Andes mountain range and the jungle can be found here.


The city of Puno, located 3827 meters above sea level on shores of the famous and mythical Titicaca Lake, is the country's lacustrine port and the Altiplano's cultural center.


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Floating Island of the Uros



Trujillo, also known as The City of the Eternal Spring, is the National Capital of La Marinera and Capital City of the Culture. Here, traditional elements coexist with those typical of modern times.


Not only is Trujillo the capital city of the Region named La Libertad but also it is the most densely populated one in the north area of Peru. Also, it is the main cultural and economic center in the north coast and the country's third most important city.


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Chan Chan Site


Accommodation in Peru, Hotels

Owing to the vast development that has taken place in Peru regarding tourism, there are a wide range of options for hotels and accommodation available here. During the peak seasons, depending on the destinations, reservations in hotels must be made at least one month in advance.

It is possible to stay at huts, camping sites, hostels, resorts, centers, ranches, tourist farms, depending on the area of the country you decide to visit.

Hotels in Peru


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