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Tourism in Piriapolis Uruguay Travel Guide

The first summer resort which was established in Uruguay, Piriápolis is peaceful backwater next to the sea, something similar to Punta del Este but a quieter version.


The beauty of the landscape and the offers, a wide range of beaches of white sand and quite beaches and a wonderful shore with an European style.


The city is surrounded by pines, eucalyptus and hills; there is also an animal reservation with native flora.


It is 100 km of Montevideo, (nearly an hour by car) and 30 km to Punta del Este, Piriápolis is a city that offers an unbeatable conjunction of sea, nature, peace and good services.

View from Cerro San Antonio Piriapolis


Hotels in Piriapolis

In you can do your booking request on line or on the phone for accommodation in Cottages, Hotels, Apartments, Apart hotels or Complex situated in different parts of the resort.

You can book your hotel in the center of Piriapolis in an easy, quick and secure way.

Besides there is the option of the “healthy tourism” which is provided by the Argentinian Hotel Casino y Resort. It has thermal marine swimming pools and Rumanian therapies for beauty and revitalization that permits tourism during the whole year.

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Accommodation Piriapolis


Beaches in Piriapolis vacations

The beaches of Piriapolis are very popular. In 25 km. of coast you can go round the panoramic tracks while visiting the resorts that are very different each of them.


There is a wide range of beaches, some that are ideal for those who are looking for peace and quietness and beaches for the ones that enjoy sports, fishing and surf.


There are some of white sands, not very deep and protected from the ocean winds by the hills, there are others of warm and transparent water or lonely beaches for those who prefer privacy.

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Piriapolis Beaches


Sightseens & Tours Piriapolis

As you will see not everything is sun and beaches in this paradise, the architectonical beauty and the nature of Piriápolis are also good to enjoy and contribute with the essence of this resort.


There are many things to see and visit in Piriápolis, from the classical main avenue or the wonderful ramble that make us remind of the beautiful European cities.


Anyway the main tours are related to the hills and the natural reservation that is close to the resort.

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Piria Castle Piriapolis


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