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There are a large number of possibilities regarding recreation, fun and relax in Porto Alegre. The places and activities that can be found here cater for all tastes, from nature and art lovers to those who enjoy getting the adrenalin going.


One of the major attractions here is to wander along the city center on a Saturday morning, enjoying the peace that can hardly be found during the weekdays.


The high quality of life is one of the city's main features. Here tourists and residents will find an excellent urban infrastructure, telecommunications and medical service.


Many possibilities regarding ecological tourism and rural holidays are offered here as well. Moreover, a wide range of cultural events are held here and tourists can be taken on city tours.

Handicraft Fair


Handicraft Fair

The "Brique da Redenção" is a handicraft fair where a wide variety of antiques can be found. Each Sunday this fair takes place in the well known Farroupilha Park or "Redenção" park.


Crafty pieces and antiques are exhibited in shows. Clowns and acrobats attend this fair as well.

Farroupilha Park

Farroupilha Park is a large green area located near the centre of Porto Alegre.


Many tourist attractions can be found at the park such as the well known Bom Fim Market, a mini zoo, the Zapt-Zu funfair and the Cafe do Lago, a place to have a coffee.

Farroupilha Park


Mario Quintana House of Culture

This House of Culture is located in the place where the Majestic Hotel used to work.


One of the country's most important poets among the group of contemporary ones spent most of his life here. Hence, this house became a symbolic building in Porto Alegre.


Nowadays, this house is one of the city's major attractions not only because of its eclectic architecture, but also it offers cinemas, exhibition halls, theatre, rehearsal room for dancing and libraries.

Mario Quintana House of Culture


Rural Area

The rural area is also a chief attraction in this place and turns Porto Alegre into an ideal holiday destination, especially in the south area.


A wonderful opportunity to forget about the stress of the bustling city life at least for some days and get back to nature, to enjoy the flavours, smells, sounds and colours with the five senses.


Picking fruits to eat them later, wandering along the countryside or visiting the conservation areas are some of the activities that can be enjoyed in these rural routes.

Porto Alegre at Night

Regarding the nightlife in Porto Alegre, there are many options available as well. It is possible to enjoy from an ice cold beer in any of the city's bars to a delicious dinner in an elegant restaurant.


The bars and restaurants from the Public Market together with the Chalet of the XV de Novembro Square are the most popular ones.


Molinos de Viento district is also well worth visiting at night, specially Goethe Avenue and the sophisticated Calçada da Fama (Hall of Fame) in Fernando Gomes and Padre Chargas streets. Anyway, due to the rich diversity of the city´s nightlife the best thing to do is visit the places and discover them yourselves.

Chalet of the Square


Botanical Garden

Together with the Museum of Natural Sciences, the Botanical Garden is one of the most complete ones. This preservation area is also suitable for investigation, education and recreation.


More than 100 species can be found at this garden. Developing environmental educational activities to make people become aware of the importance of biodiversity are taking place here.


It is possible to make guided tours of the garden. And temporary as well as permanent exhibitions are held here.

Botanical Garden


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