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Tourist Guide Puerto Madryn
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Puerto Madryn Tourist Guide Patagonia Argentina

In the Argentine Patagonia, on shores of the New Gulf (Golfo Nuevo), at the foot of a plateau and 120 metres above sea level, Puerto Madryn city, an industrial and fishing port, can be found.


Plateaus and large beaches are some of its geography’s main features. Moreover, watching the whales, diving, wind surf, fishing and other water-related activities are some of the attractions that may be enjoyed here.


All this, together with an average temperature of 14ºC, low rainfalls, an internationally known wildlife reserve, its promenade and paved streets, turn this progressive city into “ Argentina’s main city in terms of sub-aquatic activities”


Regarding social activities, there is a wide range to choose from in Puerto Madryn such as dancing clubs, pubs, theatre, bingo, casino, cinema and even a confectionery facing the sea.

Whale Watching



Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located on different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest, reservations can be made in a hotel downtown Puerto Madryn or in any of the spots within the locality.

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Sightseens & Tours

Puerto Madryn has a broad array of attractions to offer visitors, catering for all tastes and possibilities.


Sport fishing on the coast or embarked, hunting, photographic safaris, horse riding, palaeontology walks, rural tourism, observing the fauna, geologic and anthropologic excursions are some examples of the many attractions that can be enjoyed here.


Moreover, it is possible to give sports such as mountain bike and sand-board a try, enjoy 4x4 journeys, do water sports such as kayak, windsurf, yachting, canoeing and rafting. Diving is one of the major attractions as well as flying in light aeroplanes.


Puerto Madryn is a place to be hugely enjoyed. Nature and man’s creations will enable us to go through the experience of a lifetime.

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Submarine Baptism Puerto Madryn


Valdes Peninsula

On shores of the Atlantic Ocean, 77 kilometres away from Puerto Madryn City, this amazing Natural Reserve can be found, covering an area of 360,000 hectares. Due to the rich variety of animal species that inhabit here, it was listed as a “World Heritage Site” by UNESCO.


Animals are the only lords and masters in this area. Fur seals, elephant seals, birds and penguins are some of them. In the entrance of the Natural Reserve, the F. Ameghino Interpretation Centre can be found.


There, it is possible to gain information on which places to visit, general characteristics and geography of such places as well as information on flora, fauna and history.


Once we access the peninsula and leave behind Puerto Madryn we reach the “Carlos Ameghino” isthmus, which links the peninsula with the rest of the continent. Wonderful sensations and breathtaking landscapes can be enjoyed at this fascinating environment.

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Punta Ninfas Lighthouse


Puerto Madryn’s History

The first conquerors to arrive at the small settlement were Edwin Roberts, Lewis Jones, and the Captain sir Love Jones Perry from Madryn estate in Arfon. Therefore, the place was named after such estate. 


By the year 1865 already thirty welsh immigrants had arrived to this small town. Miners, carpenters, doctors, cobblers, and tailors among others came with the intention of staying here for good. Nevertheless, due to the lack of drinkable water in the area, they left.


Their stay here was not pleasant whatsoever and hence it was short. By the end of that same year they moved to Chubut Valley where major changes took place.


In the year 1908, twenty years after the railway system was built, fishing activities began. Official institutions and businesses were largely responsible for the birth of many more neighbourhoods.


Nowadays, fishing industry, processing businesses and tourism are Puerto Madryn’s main features and major activities.

Museo Provincial Puerto Madryn


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