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Rio de Janeiro Tourist Information

Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the state bearing the same name. What is more, not only is Río de Janeiro one of Brazil’s most important and beautiful cities but also it is considered to be one of the most lovely places in South America and even in the world.


Nowadays, Rio is one of the world’s gamma class cities. It has a subtropical climate with average temperatures around 19 º C and everyone who is born in this city will be nicknamed “carioca”.


According to the IBGE in the year 2005 there were 6,094,183 inhabitants in the city. Considering the Metropolitan Region, however, the number of inhabitants was as high as 11,351,937, covering a total surface of 4,659 km2.


Thus, it is the second metropolis in Brazil in terms of population and fourth in South America. Aside from its tourist attractions, it is a major commercial, service and industrial centre.

Rio de Janeiro


Sightseens & Tours

Rio, is well known for its beaches, specially the ones of Copacabana and Ipanema, for the impressive statue of Christ on the Corcovado Mountain (and amazing work known as the Redeemer Jesus Christ), for its Carnival celebrations and the monolith mountain “Pāo de Açúcar”.

This city has many special geographical and urban features as well. It is located in an area that is not very favourable for city to be built there, since it is surrounded by the ocean and a mountain. Consequently, in some cases the width of the city covers no more than ten blocks. 


On the north of Leme beach, the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon is found. City planners devoted a great deal of effort to such lagoon as well.


Numerous tunnels and bridges had to be built so that travelling from one area of the city to other was possible. This gave the city a picturesque and original touch.


Not only does Rio de Janeiro boast a stunning urban beauty but also a wide range of recreational, tourist and sport activities can be enjoyed here. Diving, tours around the favelas (shantytowns), wonderful beaches and a range of cultural activities are some of the many attractions that Rio de Janeiro has to offer.

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Pāo de Açúcar


Rio de Janeiro’s History

The knight Estacio de Sa founded the city on the 1st of March 1565. It became Brazil’s capital city from the year 1764 until 1960, when the federal government’s headquarters were moved to Brazilia.


Between the years 1808 and 1815 the city remained the Portuguese kingdom’s capital. From 1815 until April 1821 it was the capital city of the United Kingdom of Portugal, Brazil and Algarves. 


In august 1834 the city was separated from the rest of the Rio de Janeiro province, which nowadays is a state, becoming a Neutral District.   


In the year 1992 the United Nations Environment and Development Conference, better known as Río-92, took place in Rio de Janeiro city. The importance of this conference lies in the fact that is was the first international meeting that was held since the Cold War had finished, and delegations from 175 countries attended it.

Redeemer Jesus Christ


Rio de Janeiro Accommodation

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located on different spots of the city.


In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest, reservations can be made in a hotel downtown Rio de Janeiro or in any of the spots within the locality.

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