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Rocha Uruguay - Tourist Information

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Tourism in Rocha

All of Uruguay's natural features and landscapes can be found in Rocha, along its Atlantic coast which is almost 200 kilometres long. From extensive palm groves to beautiful lagoons and fragile ecosystems, a variety of natural beauties can be seen in the area.

Rugged sierras, the wetlands and the Laguna Merin basin are places of great natural beauty. Rocha, capital city of the department bearing the same name, has a rich cultural heritage; varied cultural groups coexist here, and people are really warm and friendly.

Tourism in Rocha Uruguay


In the areas surrounding some lagoons such as Laguna Merin, which is shared with Brazil, the Laguna Negra, Laguna Castillos, Laguna de Rocha and Laguna Garzon and its tributaries, visitors find places of high scenic value and a natural and peaceful environment to enjoy. It is possible to go fishing, camping, in an area rich in wildlife and full of rivers. This place is ideal to come back to nature and to spend some time of personal reflection.

Only a few kilometres away from the border with Brazil, along route 9, the Fortaleza de Santa Teresa (Santa Teresa Fortress) can be found. It represents a place of great historical value, witness to the early life of Uruguay as an independent country. Some kilometres ahead, along route 19, the Fortín de San Miguel (San Miguel Fort). Both monuments offered protection during the Spanish and Portuguese occupations and later they were they were vitally important for the defence of Uruguay as an emerging country.

Coastal towns and Beaches in Rocha

Given that the Earth is nowadays badly polluted and overpopulated, in times when we must cope with high stress levels in our daily life, this place is ideal to avoid these ill effects of modern life. Small coastal villages have settled in the coast of Rocha and the wonderful ocean and rock formations constitute a unique natural landscape and a special cultural background.

On spending the summer holidays in Rocha, visitors will feel therapeutic effects. La Paloma, a typical coastal town, and its emblematic Faro, La Pedrera and El Cabo Polonio, where amazing dunes can be found are some example of the attractive places Rocha has to offer.

Beaches in Rocha Uruguay


Aguas Dulces and Barra de Valizas, where characteristic settlements can be found and it is possible to enjoy breathtaking views, Punta del Diablo home of reckless fishermen in love with the rough sea, La Coronilla, where a variety of hotels can be found and, finally, Barra del Chuy where visitors will meet very friendly people.

Each place has its own special features and its own stunningly beautiful ocean beaches.

Coastal towns and Beaches in Rocha...

Ecotourism and Ecological tourism in Rocha

One of the major attractions Rocha has to offer is the possibility of enjoying a special kind of tourism known as Ecotourism. Ecotourism involves travel to areas of natural or ecological interest in order to learn about the environment. This place proves ideal to have such adventure.

Ecotourists are people who visit primarily unspoiled natural areas that must be preserved, with the purpose of observing wildlife and learning about the habits of people who live in harmony with nature.

Ecotourism and Ecological tourism in Rocha


Among the major attractions this place has to offer there is an area known as "Humedales del Este", declared Biosphere Natural Reserve by the UNESCO in 1976. It covers an area of 200,000 hectares and it includes lagoons, marshlands, streams and rivers. Also the world's largest ombú tree forest, known as "Monte de Ombúes", can be found here as well, and some of the large and knotty specimens are more than 500 years old.

The "Palmares de Butia" are large groves of Butia palms that will marvel visitors. The tall palm trees with its silvery-green fronds will attract the attention of tourists. The Butia Palm is native of this region and therefore, the world's greatest concentration of these palms can be found here.

See Ecological Tourism in Rocha...

Accommodation and Hotels in Rocha

Owing to the vast development that has taken place in Rocha regarding tourism, there is a wide range of options for hotels and accommodation available here. During the summer, which is the peak seasons, reservations in hotels must be made at least one month in advance.

It is possible to stay at huts, camping sites, tourist resorts, hostels, ranches, tourist farms, depending on the area of Rocha you decide to visit and the kind of holidays you would like to spend.



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