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Central Valley in Costa Rica

Strikingly beautiful, surrounded by valleys, gentle slopes and hills that become bigger as they draw close to the mountains, it is no wonder that so many tourists visit the great Central Valley.


With such beautiful landscapes and breathtaking views, this area is just like an unspoilt paradise. The only thing that would be missing to be absolutely perfect is water.


However, rivers such as the Maria Torres river or the Aguilar river both rise in this valley and run through the area, as well as its tributaries.


Located in the center of Costa Rica, this valley is bordered by volcanoes such as Barva and Iraza among others and by the mountains of Heredia in the north, by the Salamanca mountain range in the south and by the valley of the Tárcole river in the southwest.

Panoramic view of San Jose


Climate in the Central Valley

Although the annual average temperature in San Jose is 20 degrees Celsius, in the Central Valley temperatures may range between twelve and thirty five degrees.


With the exception of the Caribbean watershed, the year in San Jose and the rest of the country is clearly divided into two seasons, the "dry" season and the "humid" season.


The dry season, better known in Costa Rica as "summer" begins in November and lasts until March. Temperatures are relatively low during this season and trade winds are very frequent.


The humid season or "winter", on the other hand, lasts from April to October or even November. Persistent rains all the afternoons, rising temperatures and humid atmosphere are the main features that characterize this period.

Downtown San Jose


The Economy

One of the main features of the local economy is the broad variety of activities that take place here. One striking example of this is the potato and chayote squash plantations in Cartago and the manufactured microprocessors in Heredia.


The country's main airport, Juan Santamaría International Airport, is located here. Thus, this area has direct contact with foreign countries. Moreover, major roads such as the Carretera Interamericana and other minor roads run through Costa Rica, linking together different areas of the country.


More than just a visually stunning area, Costa Rica´s central valley has a busy life in terms of economy, including large areas of production, remarkable vitality and a wide range of activities that visitors will be encouraged to discover. From a wild nature with grassy slopes to busy city streets with universities, big hospitals, well known museums, parks and many attractions can be found in this area.

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