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Sightseens & Tours in San Jose de Costa Rica

A broad array of tourist facilities can be enjoyed in Costa Rica and San Jose, the capital city, is no exception. Some of the country's prime attractions can be found in this place.


This city is the gateway to the natural beauty and amazing landscapes Costa Rica has to offer.


Moreover, valleys, rainforests with sylvan areas, and beaches with crystal clear water are some of the landscapes that can be found in the stunningly beautiful surroundings of this city.


Findings from a recent research carried out in Latin America revealed that San Jose is one of the region's most safe and less violent cities, what makes this place even more inviting.

National Theatre San Jose


Escazu in Costa Rica

Escazu is another of the well worth visiting cities from the Central Valley and therefore, any tourist itinerary should include a visit to this place. Only ten minutes away by car from San Jose itself, we will find ourselves in this picturesque and diversified city, where large condominiums and hotels as well as a large number of farms dominate the landscape.


Regarding the city's busy nightlife, a variety of fine restaurants, pubs and discos can be enjoyed at Escazu. But the main attraction in this place is the stunning views of the Valley that can be admired from strategic points.

Tamarindo and Conchal in San Jose

Located only five kilometers away from San Jose, Tamarindo and Conchal, two remarkably beautiful places, are the city's most popular beaches.


In both of them it is possible to do sport fishing, to go surfing or simply to sunbathe.


Tamarindo is one of the largest beaches in the area. A wide range of tourist shops, holiday accommodation and American and European restaurants can be found here.


As the name suggests, Conchal is made up of millions of crushed shells that paint the sand bright white. The rich turquoise blue water is another of the beaches' main features.

Tamarindo Beach San Jose


La Sabana Metropolitan Park in San Jose

Also known as "the lung of San Jose", La Sabana Metropolitan Park covers an area of seventy two hectares and is located only fifteen minutes away from San Jose city.


Due to the high importance this park has for local tourism, reforestation had to take place a few years ago and the park was planted with new pine trees and eucalyptus.


This park is home to a number of excellent sports facilities, including the National Football Stadium, where wonderful concerts are held occasionally, and the National Fitness Center. Also, the Museum of Costa Rican Art can be visited in this park.


During weekdays, dedicated joggers can be spotted getting their mid-day exercise in the athletics track under the pine trees and near the manmade lake as well as busy workers who enjoy taking a walk through the park along the snaking paths.


An Olympic swimming pool can be found in the park also, where members of the business sector take a swim to relax and future athletes train every day.

La Sabana Park San Jose


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