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San Rafael Mendoza, tourist information

San Rafael department is located in the center of the province known as Mendonza, in Argentina. It covers an area of 31,235 Km2, 20% of the province's total area.


San Rafael is bordered by San Carlos department, Santa Rosa department and La Paz department in the north, by MalargŁe department and La Pampa province in the south, by Chile in the west and, finally, by General Alvear department and San Luis province in the east.


Two rivers run through this department, Diamante and Atuel, which are one of the province's most important rivers.


The tourist industry is well developed in San Rafael, where more and more tourists arrive each year from foreign countries willing to enjoy the beautiful landscapes.


One of the most interesting attractions that can be enjoyed here is the wine growing industry. San Rafael is home to a number of traditional wine and champagne cellars and vineyards which visitors are encouraged to explore.

San Rafael


Accommodation in San Rafael

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Inns, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located in different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay near your area of interest a hotel downtown San Rafael can be booked, or in different areas of the locality.

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Sightseens & Tours in San Rafael

Among the many attractions San Rafael has to offer, beautiful landscapes, fresh clean air and the contact with nature are some of the main ones. In addition, an excellent gastronomy can be enjoyed here as well.


Nowadays, this city can be roughly divided into two areas. On the one hand, in the east, the oldest area of the city can be found. The new urbanized area lies west of San Rafael.


In the east area is highly recommended to visit San Martin Square, the Train Station, the San Rafael Archangel Cathedral and the Mariano Moreno Library. Also, the Municipal Palace and the Elena and Fausto Burgos House are a must.


On the other hand, in the west area, the Hipolito Irigoyen Park and the Greek Theatre named Chacho Santa Cruz are the main tourist facilities, apart from the wide range of entertainment centers that can be enjoyed there.

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San Rafael Cathedral


Things to do in San Rafael

San Rafael is the second most important city of the province.


Since 1922, when it achieved the city status, its natural beauty and its geography, together with the production, have been its main features.


Apart from the livestock and crops such as alfalfa, wheat, corn, fruits and olives, some well known wine cellars can be found here. Visiting San Rafael means visiting the history of fine wine and quality natural products.


Traditional wine cellars, vineyards, rural tourism farms, fruit plantations are some of the well worth visiting tours in this area.

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Bianchi Wine Cellar


Atuel River and Valle Grande  

The journey along Atuel River and Valle Grande (Big Valley) is a must in San Rafael. Hence, it is hardly surprising that 90% of the tourists that arrive here decide to visit this attraction.


It is possible to start from San Rafael, from the Balloffet Avenue and then take the RP 173 heading Valle Grande. There, the wooded broad streets turn into winding paths.


The enclosing mountains are the true protagonists of this tour. In an area where almost no vegetation can be seen, surrounded by mountains, the Atuel River flows.

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Río Atuel


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