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Santiago de Chile Tourist Information

Surrounded by high snow-capped peaks of the beautiful Andes Mountain Range, with hills that reach the city itself, Santiago de Chile city is located, in a fertile valley with a pleasant Mediterranean climate.

Santiago is Chile's capital city and the country's most densely populated area. What is more, it is one of the continent's most modern cities. There are few cities in the world where tourists will feel so comfortable.

Cosmopolitan though provincial, it is truly fascinating to walk along its streets to meet the snow-covered peaks a few steps forward or the beautiful sea in the west area of the city.

Downtown Santiago


Santiago de Chile Hotels

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Hotels, Apart-Hotels, Hostels, Bed & Breakfast, or Guest Houses located in different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay near your area of interest a a hotel downtown Santiago de Chile can be booked.

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Accommodation Santiago de Chile


Sightseens & Tours in Santiago de Chile

Only a few minutes away from the city we can enjoy the sea, lakes and mountains. Also, it is possible to learn about the "huasas" traditions and culture or to go skiing in Latin America's best winter resort.


The journey through Santiago can start from the Plaza de Armas (the Main Square), which is located in the city center. However, the city center is only a small part of the many attractions this place has to offer.


Bellavista, a neighborhood where a broad array of bars and arts can be found, the Brazil neighborhood, where students can be found mainly, or the picturesque Concha y Toro neighborhood, turn this city into a real metropolis.

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Santiago`s Cathedral


Ski resorts in Santiago de Chile

Only thirty or forty kilometers away from Santiago a number of ski resorts can be found. Some of them are regarded as one of the world's best ski resorts when it comes to facilities, ski runs and services.


Some of this resorts, such as El Colorado de Farellones Ski Resort, have an artificial system that makes snow artificially. Hence, this resort works the whole season.


In the surroundings of this resorts all the facilities that tourists require can be found. Accommodation, restaurants, bars, coffee shops, discos among others are some examples.

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Ski Resorts in Santiago de Chile


Vineyards in Santiago de Chile

It is well worth visiting some of the many vineyards that can be found in the city surroundings, with its wine cellars made of adobe and its large parks.


Chile's central valley, where Santiago is located, is well known for the production of one of the world's greatest wines.

Some of this wine cellars offer tours, which last half a day. It is possible to visit such cellars and uncover the secrets of this fascinating world. Many of these guided visits are free of charge.

Vineyards in Santiago de Chile


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