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Sao Paulo Tourist Information

Better known as “the city that never stops”, Sao Paulo is the capital city of Sao Paulo state in Brazil and is regarded as one of the country’s major commercial and industrial centres.


Sao Paulo, located in the south east area of Brazil is considered to be the city with the largest dimensions in South America and even the southern hemisphere’s biggest one.  


Popularly known as San Pablo, this city is regularly nicknamed “the Southern Hemisphere’s Manhattan” due to the substantial number of businesses that can be found here.


According to the Brazilian Geography and Statistics Institute, the country’s population stands at 11.434.252, distributed in a surface of about 1523 Km2.


Thus, not only it Sao Paulo South America’s biggest city but also it is the most densely populated one.


Moreover, Sao Paulo is unstoppable as well as vertiginous. Impressive skyscrapers crammed with offices are a common feature of this city, some of them even have their own heliports.

Downtown Sao Paulo


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In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest, reservations can be made in a hotel downtown Sao Paulo or in any of the spots within the locality.

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Sightseens & Tours in Sao Paulo

Owing to the special features of this city, it is hardly surprising that time is one of the most precious things among its citizens and visitors are provided huge enjoyment.


Towering skyscrapers, a wide range of attractions and international events such as exhibitions and fairs are some of the city’s main features. In total, about seventy thousand events are held here yearly.


Sao Paulo has been the official headquarters of Sao Paulo’s art biennial for fifty years now. Furthermore, the well known Interlagos Circuit is located here, where one of the Formula One races takes place each year.


As if there were not enough attractions already, another major event that can be enjoyed here is the Sao Paulo Fashion Week.


Furthermore, the city offers wonderful green areas such as the Serra da Cantareira with its impressive mountains and, towards the north, the Horto Florestal, a green belt that paints the city.

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Morro of Sao Paulo


Sao Paulo’s History

According to the historical facts about the development of Sao Paulo from its foundation until nowadays, the city was built by the Jesuits in 1554.


Since then, the city began to grow rapidly in terms of business, although it is claimed that it was after the Santos Port was connected with the interior of Brazil that the city flourished.


However, the city did not feature a high growth rate until the mid twentieth century when coffee export revenue began to be generated.


This shifted the balance and the industry was now to be the main activity of the city. Consequently, a wave of immigrants from many parts of the world, mainly Italians, arrived to the Sao Paulo and this is where the nickname “the world’s most italianate city” stems from.


Nevertheless, a substantial number of immigrants from Japan, Spain, Africa and Asia, and from South American countries also arrived here.


Thus, it is hardly surprising that a wide range of accents and cultures can be found in this city typical of the twentieth century.

City Museum


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