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Dayman Thermal Springs: Salto: Uruguay

Dayman Thermal Springs is one of the oldest establishments of spring waters in Uruguay and is said to have the best and most professional tourist infrastructure within the region.

Bungalows, hotels, restaurants, paddle and tennis courts, and a wide array of swimming pools of varied temperatures can be enjoyed at these thermal springs. The maximum temperature of such swimming pools’ water is as high as 44ºC. Hence, Uruguay’s hottest thermal waters are to be found here. 

Due to its heat and salinity aside from other unique characteristics, this water is absolutely ideal for therapeutic purposes.

Moreover, the thermal resort features the internationally recognised Dayman Hydrotermal Complex, an institution that boasts high scientific and ethical standards.

Finally, these thermal springs are located 8 kilometres away from the city of Salto and have proved a popular tourist attraction worth visiting all year round.

Thermal Resorts Dayman Thermal Springs


Accommodation in Dayman Thermal Springs

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Hotels, apartments or Apart-Hotels located on different spots of the city of Salto or within the thermal resorts.

n order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay in your area of interest a hotel in Dayman Thermal Springs can be booked in advance in a simple, effective and quick way.

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Accomodation Dayman Thermal Springs


Thermal water’s properties

Due to its special properties, water from Dayman Thermal Springs is ready to be used as alternative medicine and is excellent for therapeutic treatments.

The water’s distinctive features make it ideal for drinking and to be used as a stomach sedative and diuretic with healing and antiseptic effects.

Furthermore, not only can this water be used in Balneotherapy, considering its sedative properties for stimulating baths, but also it is highly effective when it comes to rheumatism in general.

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Thermal water’s properties Dayman Thermal


Sightseeings and tours in Salto

Salto, located 8 kilometres north from the Dayman Thermal Springs, is the capital city of the department bearing the same name. Friendly and undeniably pleasant, this city boasts a very good infrastructure.

Moreover, it is due to its remarkable development in terms of culture that the city has proved a highly interesting spot for tourists who visit the country.

As soon as we arrive at the city we get the immediate impression of being in a place where the strength of progress peacefully coexists with remembrances and traditions from the past.

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