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Tourist Information about Trujillo

Trujillo, also known as The City of the Eternal Spring, is the National Capital of the Marinera and Capital City of the Culture. Here, traditional elements coexist with those typical of modern times.


Not only is Trujillo the capital city of the Region named La Libertad but also it is the most densely populated one in the north area of Peru. Also, it is the north's main city in terms of culture and economics. It is the country's third most important city.


Trujillo has undergone significant changes in the last decades. Consequently, this city is nowadays a dynamic urban area with the typical features of a metropolitan area.


In the city center, beautiful buildings from the Colonial times can be enjoyed. The Cathedral and El Carmen Monastery as well as a number of churches and mansions are only some of the main sights.

Cathedral of Trujillo



Trujillo's mild climate produces the sensation of being always in spring. Moderate temperatures and the sun shining bright in the blue sky almost always are the city's most typical features in terms of climate.


While between June and August, light drizzles dampen the country farmland, from late March until December temperatures range between fourteen and twenty two Celsius degrees.


However, the climate is mainly dry and the annual average temperature is about twenty degrees centigrade. During the summer (December, January, February and first days of March) the temperature rises as high as thirty degrees and the minimum temperature is twenty degrees. Also, it rains during the night.


In the coastal areas, fogs are common during the morning and, in general, temperatures are lower than in the centre or the high areas of the city.

Huanchaco beach


Sightseens & Tours in Trujillo

As it was previously mentioned, Trujillo is at the same time a modern and a traditional city. Hence, it hopes to achieve the World Heritage Site status, especially because of its historic centre which is so well preserved and original.


Moreover, this city has beautiful beaches which are regularly visited by national and foreign tourists. The best known and most lovely one is Huanchaco beach, the city's most attractive seaside resort and therefore, the most visited one.


It is also worth mentioning Las Delicias seaside resort, where a calm and smooth sea can be enjoyed. Both beaches are located very near the city, less than twenty minutes by car.


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Main Square


Accommodation in Trujillo

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Hotels, Apartments, Bed & Breakfast, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located in different spots of the city.

In order to experience an enjoyable and pleasant stay near your area of interest a hotel downtown Trujillo or in different areas of the city, can be booked.

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Accommodation in Trujillo


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