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Tourist Information about Villa la Angostura

Located in the south area of the Neuquén Province, 780 meters above sea level on the north shore of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, Villa la Angostura proves ideal for spending some enjoyable holidays, surrounded by rivers, forests and mountains.


Villa la Angostura is located only 45 kilometers away from Chile, 70 kilometers from Bariloche and 110 kilometers from San Martin de los Andes which can be accessed through the well known road "Camino de los Siete Lagos". Moreover, it is connected to the Quetrihue Peninsula, where Los Arrayanes National Park is found.


This place was named Villa la Angostura (which is Spanish for "Narrowness-village") due to the isthmus or narrow pass of the Quetrihue Peninsula, a place where sports such as snowboard, fishing or skiing are very popular.


This picturesque and quiet place, which has the features of a beautiful village in the mountains where forests and lakes can be visited, offers a broad variety of options when it comes to gastronomy and accommodation and, what is more, it will suit every pocket.

Myrtle Forest


Accommodation in Villa la Angostura

Through it is possible to make reservations by phone or on-line for accommodation in Huts, Hotels, Apartments, Inns, Apart-Hotels or Resorts located in different spots of the city.

In order to enjoy a comfortable and pleasant stay near your area of interest it is possible to book a hotel downtown Villa la Angostura, or in different areas of the locality.

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Sightseens & Tours

Villa la Angostura is an extremely peaceful place ideal for getting back to nature. What is more, a large number of recreation areas can be found here as well as varied activities.


For example, going for long walks and horse riding during the summer, canoeing, trekking and mountain bike. As for fishing, the season begins halfway through October.


For people who enjoy sport fishing, it is highly recommended to visit some spots such as the river mouth of Correntoso river, the mouth of Ragintuco and Bonito rivers and the Nahuel Huapi Lake itself.


All this, in addition to the excellent accommodation, fine restaurants where mainly regional food is served, tearooms and craft shops, make Villa la Angostura a well worth visiting tourist destination.

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Mountain Bike


Nahuel Huapi Lake

Covering an area of 550 square kilometers, Nahuel Huapi is one of the area's most important lakes due to its several bays and islands. Located about 700 meters above sea level, this lake has glacial origin.


Its seven branches, namely Campanario, de la Tristeza, Blest, Machete, del Rincón, Última Esperanza and Huemul and its great depth (450 meters) are some of the main features of the Nahuel Huapi Lake.


This remarkably beautiful place is shared by two Argentinean provinces, Rio Negro and Neuquén, and it is located in the National Park bearing the same name. Its deep blue waters and the landscape that surrounds the lake make this place stunningly attractive.


Indigenous legend has it that a giant creature lives in the depths of the lake. This myth gained great popularity in 1920 after the Zoo of Buenos Aires launched a search for the creature. However, no concrete proof has been obtained until nowadays.

Nahuel Huapi Lake


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